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WorkACE was originally designed to solve people, process and data issues with regards to virtual working and distributed computing. The task was accomplished beyond expectations.

It was in fact done so well, that WorkACE today is the only existing technology platform (as we know) that will automatically Index, Structure and make People, Data and Processes Cognitive.

Thus WorkACE is also the ideal platform and master system for emerging ICT demands with, like Internet of Things, Web of Things, M2M Communication Services and “Big Data” projects. That is why we call WorkACE - "The Chaos Killer".

If you want to know more, please:

- Give us a Skype call at "jmk-qxsystems" or email to jmk@qxs.com
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About WorkACE - The Chaos Killer

WorkACE is a smart eWorking and eBusiness Teachnology for your Mobile, Digital and Global eWorking organization. Workace.com is a comprehensive virtual eFacility with built-in features of Intranet, Extranet, Groupware, Knowledge Management, Business Ecosystem Management, Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Webmail, IM/Chat, Work Flow Management, Content Management and eSupport, all compiled into an agile and highly efficient online working environment, like nothing seen before.

A True " No Brainer " : SaaS = OpEx = Super High ROI External Link

Significant Features:
  • WorkACE.com has been designed to address the needs of the Digital / Knowledge Age organizations, where static office work has become dynamic eWork. External Link
  • WorkACE.com is designed to solve issues related to the structuring, standardizing and indexing of people, data and assets of a modern eOrganization. External Link
  • WorkACE.com is an On-Demand secure online eFacility, giving the stakeholders the environment, process and collaborative tools for efficient and effective working. External Link
  • WorkACE.com is capturing, organizing and storing the knowledge lost in communication by stand-alone e-mail, chat, video conferencing and VOIP systems. (Statistics: Is ~80% of daily process data). External Link
  • WorkACE.com is an on-demand service, allowing organizations to earn profit in an unprecedented speed. These SaaS clients are up and running in minutes instead of months or years as required by traditional software applications. External Link
  • It's Affordable : Less than 35 cents per user per day
  • WorkACE.com eliminates the risk of knowledge and process brain-drain, which occurs when key players disembark. Replacement staff becomes productive in days rather than months. External Link
  • WorkACE.com reduces the time spend by employees seeking and storing information; normally wasted in clicking and browsing through endless number of unproductive screens in Industrial Age Software. (Statistics: Is around 40%). External Link
  • WorkACE.com also reduces the time spend by process leaders and managers traveling to keep organizational operation moving. (Statistics: ~80% in a paper based organization; ~50% in an email based one). External Link
  • WorkACE.com is by far the smartest profit boosting eWorking Facility for ANY organization in today’s era. It guarantees a super short pay off time of just a few days. External Link

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Number of Users: 1 to Unlimited
Size of eFacility: Unlimited
Free Disk Space: 500MB / user
- Extra Space: cheap / month / GB
Bandwidth: 1GB/ month / user
We host it. No "Implementation" Time
Automatic & Immediate Installation
Unique "Company.WorkACE.com" Domain
For Larger Scale Needs and/or
On-Premised Installations
Please Contact Us

In essence, WorkACE™:

  • Has built-in communication and collaboration Modules
  • Will Structure, Organize and Index; People, Process and Content
  • Give improved productivity and performance by increasing the speed and ease with which information is created, stored, index and accessed
  • Has increase the portability of data
  • Has automated administrative tasks including synchronization and reporting
  • Will provided an efficient organizational framework for knowledge

No Risk : 30 days - 100% Money-Back Guarantee

WorkACE.com™ enhances user’s productivity and performance by providing a FAST, compehensive and cognitive SaaS environment.

What can WorkACE™ do for you?

  • Improve productivity and performance of user’s significantly
  • Reduce ICT (Information and Communication Technology) costs
  • Organize and secure intellectual property
  • Centralize information previously kept on hard drives and supplier systems
  • Communicate information rapidly to employees and partners
  • Give return on investment on immediate measurable and significant terms
  • Reduce training requirements
  • Provide automated reporting of staff, work and activities status
  • Improve efficiency of work distribution process
  • Coordinate objectives, outcomes, focus areas and tasks
  • Share controlled documents
  • Streamline and clarify work processes as well as objectives
  • Manage projects, programs, activities, tasks, outcomes and focus areas
  • Find and manage contact information
  • Automate specific tasks
  • Gives a centralized Browser-based eBusiness system including:
  • Advanced process, todo/task management, linked to outcomes/focus areas
  • Comprehensive customer and supplier management
  • Document management
  • Knowledge management
  • Personnel (HR) management
  • Employee and subcontractor timesheet tracking and approval
  • Help desk, issues and support management
  • Fully incorporated email System
  • Corporate and personal outcomes management
  • Corporate and personal focus area management
  • Events, calendar and scheduling management, linked to outcomes/focus areas
  • Intranet (corporate web-logging) and Extranet (supplier & client collaboration) functions
  • Indexed search capability
  • Automated data backup
  • Advanced collaboration tools (forum discussions and chat) on every object and input level
  • Organizational/group/team management features including advanced reporting

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